Technology Essay On Facebook

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Technology Essay on Facebook

"I poked you!" Not many people would understand what that means unless they are a member of facebook. Facebook is an online directory for college students to connect to people through groups at their school. Students make a profile that contains their information such as name, birthday, classes, and pretty much anything else you need to know in order to be a stalker. You can put your phone number, your picture, your address, even the high school that you graduated from on your profile. Technology has gone far since I was in elementary school. I remember having computer class in the 3rd grade. Today's young adults are so fluent with computers that it is in our nature. We can sit down at a computer and find something to do so easily. Facebook gives you many different profiles to read to keep you entertained.

Facebook has more then 4.1

million registered users on its site. Every month they get around 2 billion hits. For one website that singles out only college students, this is a huge deal. They aim, obviously, for people between the ages of 18-24. According to, they say "the uses that facebook has to offer are; to look up people at your school, to see how people know each other, and to find people in your classes and groups." On this website you can find other people that live in your dorm or apartment complex and make new friends. You could also be nosey and read peoples profiles that you don't even know. This website has a ridiculous amount of entertainment to it.

Facebook was originally launched by a student from Harvard in February 2004. He wanted to make a way for college students in Boston to connect. Nearly 6,000 Harvard students became...