Technology-Explains the downsides and problems involving technology and humanity. (Contains predictions that may not seem true to every one)

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Technology is a wonderful achievement of the human race. Although in the future it may cause many problems for our culture. Many people think that having inventions do things for them is going to make life better, in the long run it won't. Just imagine a society full of obesity and citizens lacking many skills. Although the computer has only been around for a short time it has advanced so much so fast, it will not be long before there is no reason to walk to get something because robots will do it for you. The world will change if this happens and people will be relying on technology so much that when it falls people will be lost in the world around them.

Technology in my opinion is the leading reason for obesity and laziness. If people would actually have to walk somewhere every once and a while the obesity level would drop.

But the path that this culture is traveling only leads to people walking less and complaining more. If everything with technology makes things perfect than why are more people doing less and sitting at home. I think technology is good every once and a while but if you rely solely on it like many Americans you will lose interest in exercise and just waste you life watching TV or playing videogames. If the TV was never invented, yes there would be less spread of ideas but so many more people would not waste there lives sitting at home.

Also say that one day the power goes out and your house is completely automated what would you do. Would you all of a sudden learn to cook and clean yourself? There is no way a full reliance on technology is a good thing, it could...