What Technology Has Done

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My brother and I are sitting in the living room, sprawled on the couches, watching "Kids Next Door". Suddenly, the electricity goes off...First thing I do is sit there in total darkness, my head buried in my pillow, saying "Why now? Why now?", then slap my brother with it...Yes, and that's how we spend the next few hours waiting for the power come back on, picking on each other. So, yes, I believe that although technology has advanced us, it has also definitely made us lazier, less productive, less human.

During the past century or so, technology has become so sophisticated, that now, we are no longer amazed at the latest electronic gadgets and such. We now know and understand the power of knowledge and science in our lives. As hard as I try, I can't imagine going for a day without using anything hi-tech. The TV, phone, radio, camera, DVD, and microwave have become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

They have facilitated our jobs, and made it easier for us to do what we feel like, when we feel like it. But is that really for the best?

If I could chose between visiting my neighbors and surfing the Internet, on most days, I would pick the internet. Why visit your neighbors when you can visit a whole new world? Technology has had a major part in diminishing our social and ethical values, and liquefying the bonds that once held cultures together. Although technological innovations may seem like a step forward, they're actually a step back. Every little invention today, pulls us away from our own family, friends, and cultures. We are using our brains less and less each day. For example, personally, I can't perform a simple mathematical calculation without the use...