Technology in Healthcare

Essay by tmswope November 2014

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Technology in Healthcare

Tara Swope

Campbell University


In an ever changing world of technological advances, people worry that technical advancements in the healthcare industry may interfere with their quality of treatment. However, technology has improved the healthcare industry though digital paperwork, digital radiology, and laparoscopic surgery. Because of these advancements, diagnosis are more accurate, the patients spend less time and money at the doctor's office, and over all safety is better.

Technology has made much advancement, especially in the past ten years. We enjoy convenience of technology in our personal lives and our work lives. While technology can help a business run more efficiently and effectively, some argue that technology is hurting the health industry. Many people are concerned that technology may be interfering with our quality of health, and that the patient is no longer being treated because of advancements in technology. Could we be too focused on technology that we sacrifice health care? This is an unlikely statement, since technology has allowed the medical industry to run more efficiently in basic health measurements, medical records, medical imaging, and laparoscopic surgery procedures.

It's an enviable fact that technology has been changing in the doctor's office. Before every visit with the doctor, patients see a nurse to check for temperature, heart rate, weight, blood pressure and other important health measures. Most tools of measurement have gone digital, allowing a faster and more accurate reading of the patient's health. While it may not seem like much of a change, these procedures are giving nurses more time to see more patients or give better care to the patients they see.

Many doctors and health care professionals agree that one of the worst parts about their job is the paperwork. Since everything needs a file and record, medical facilities are required to...