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There are several core function involved for Managers; organizing, planning, controlling, and leadership / directing. In order for the organization to be successful and meet the objectives, and complete established goals these functions must be performed on a routine basis. The more complex the organization and the technology advancements the more critical these factors become. With the evolution of technology and its capabilities growing a rapid pace, achieving a balance between security and privacy can prove to be a challenge for some companies.

There are several security issues and risks in business; a growing threat is from outbound e-mail according to Chris Nuttall, Financial Times. Although software is available that can produce firewalls and spam filters for unwanted messages and viruses, it cannot deal with the damaging e-mails that can breach compliance requirements, confidentiality, and data integrity. To better mitigate these risks, a policy and operational controls must be in place, equally important is the training and awareness.

Every person must understand their actions and responsibility when dealing with sensitive material.

In regards to security or the perception if confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, integrity seems to be the most forgotten. Too often employees are given access to information they do not need or require for their role in the business. People should only be granted access to the information required to perform their job duties. This is a control that must be in place and not just done from time to time as a housecleaning effort.

Management styles and responsibilities differ from company to company, as well as from person to person. Styles have been reviewed and assessed several times over in the last ten years, they have changed and progress has been made. However the command and control style of management is still common in...