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Technology Implementation Paper

August 8, 2007

Technology Implementation: Management Recommendations

Burney Productions is considering upgrading technologically through the purchase of new software and hardware that will enhance profits, reduce overhead, and improve the organization ability to meet customer satisfaction and needs. Furthermore, the implementation of the new technology services can be added with little or no financial impact. Management and many of the staff members within the organization believe that technological changes are necessary in order for the organization to remain competitive. While others believe that the upgrade is not needed and is an unnecessary expense. In order to determine the technological needs and implementation of successful changes, management is presenting the following recommendations concerning the project plans, implementation plans, related training, and the support strategies.

Introduction of any change within an organization can be a catalyst for disruptions and resistance, creating disharmony and decreasing efficiency.

The goal of technological change is usually the desire to increase value and improvement within the organization. Information technology systems have the capacity to hold and analyze a great deal of information, to make retrieval of customer information more quickly, and add value to the data, which is stored among other benefits. However, the introduction of new technology into an organization can be one of the most traumatic and difficult changes that can be encountered.

Project Plans

Management of Burney Productions first step of the project upgrade is to determine the needs of the organization that is necessary to provide for its customers on a daily basis. "Upgrading for the sake of upgrading is not sound business strategy. However, continuing to use outdated technology could cost your business. Upgrading may advance your company's competitive position in the marketplace"(Kform, 2007, para 5). For this particular reason, all upgrading plans...