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THE EFFECT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY HAS HAD ON COMMUNICATION Technology has probably affected communication more than anything else I can think of. Communication has become such an important part of our lives as people living in the 21st century and without technology none of it would be present. Communication started thousands of years ago but the ways in which we communicate have vastly changed over the past several years. All these changes could not have occurred without technology present.

Thousands of years ago, communication was made up of simple messages. In 700 BC in Greec3e communication relied on pigeons flying from one place to another carrying messages. This was a very unreliable form of communication and thankfully we have come a long way since then. Since Ancient Greece there has been an incredible amount of progress. For instance, in 1873, William F. Cooke and Charles Wheatstone installed the first railway telegraph and seven short years later; Samuel F. B. Morse invented Morse code. Samuel F. B. Morse was a North American Inventor. May 24, 1844 was a very important day in history for both communication and technology. This day celebrates the day the first telegraph line was opened. Morse was in Washington, DC and successfully sent the first message out to the Baltimore and Ohio railway station in Baltimore. This rest successful message was a bible quote stating, "What hath God wrought." The message after successfully being received was then sent back. After such success, people realized the inventions potential and there were plans to expand the telegraph line to several other cities in the Northwest and after several years there were telegraph lines all over the country.

After Morse code was established, there were many other developments. The Pony Express is a large part of communication and its...