Technology's impact on Caribbean Ecnomies.

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Imported technology, in context of the statement, refers to machines that are not indigenous to the Caribbean. These machines allow little or no manual effort used in order to complete tasks. The moot suggests that, these technologies have advanced Caribbean economies only a little bit. Imported technology has not marginally improved Caribbean economies. It has immensely improved economies of the Caribbean.

Many Caribbean islands depend on tourism as an industry, and technology plays and integral role in boosting this industry. Technology is a massive marketing media. Advertising of the islands is done via television and radio commercials, the Internet through web pages and even brochures, which are printed by machines. Technology has indeed fostered the enhancement of the tourist industry. Technology through tourism has aided in generating revenue for the islands. Technology has made the Caribbean known worldwide.

Financial economic institutions have also taken advantage of imported technologies to meet the needs of their customers.

Persons no longer have to wait in long queues to be served by unfriendly human tellers to withdraw or deposit monies. Technology has made it possible to have Automated Teller Machines (ATM's), telephone banking, offshore banking and credit and debit cards - the use of digital cash.

In this new age of business, technology is what makes a difference. The use of technology in advertising promotes economic development through the consumption of goods and services. The technologies employed to enhance this development are e-commerce, the purchasing of goods and or services via the use of digital cash, and web pages. Lets not forget the more ancient, but yet still technological ways of advertising, the television and radio. Moreover many businesses have realized the efficiency of technology and thus have taken steps to automate their businesses by using accounting and office systems that are technologically...