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"Smoke alarms save lives. But, those who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot depend on the sound of regular alarm to alert them of a fire. There are now a variety of smoke alarms on the market that combine sound, vibration, and strobe lights to alert those with limited hearing in case there is a fire in the house." From NFPA Fact Sheet.

Fire alarms that flash and vibrate are important in saving lives, especially for the hearing impaired. Our lives depend on this device, without it we are at risk. The flashing lights and vibrations alert me in every room of my house. That is why it is very important for us to have these devices in our homes.

Even though my children can hear, my obligation is to make sure that everything is fine; fire alarms that flash and vibrate help do so. Without it, I will be very busy watching everything make sure that there are no fires in the house.

My kids will not know where to go if there is a fire, or what to do, this helps us to not to panic. I have the fire alarms that flash in my living room, bedroom, and hallway which alert me if there is fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide. the vibrating fire alarms is good when we are sleeping. If we do not see the flashing lights, the vibrations shake the bed, not hard but enough to wake us up. The vibrating device goes under my pillow, which helps me wake up to alert me if a problem occurs.

The fire alarms that flash and vibrate are very helpful for deaf people. It helps save their lives, when they live in a house on their own. It is a law for deaf people to...