Technology in sports

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(excellent paper critiquing technology being used in sports and sports equipment. In my opinion, picky grading preventing this from being a 100% paper. Grade comments were not enough development on the human-technology aspects and the affect on the actual games.)

Technology in Sports

Sport has been an everlasting part of people's lives while technology has just recently come on like

gangbusters into people's lives. With sport there is the intense competition to strive to be better, it is only natural that

technology, which has increased the quality of business and personal lives worldwide, come into sports to help those

who can harness the information. Advanced technology has brought new advancements in equipment, medicine, and

even players. Today's sport combines players that have specially formed diets along with equipment designed to get

the most out of any player's effort. This paper will examine several types of sports where computers are used to

improve performance and the sport as a whole.

Injuries will always be a part of sports. With the multi-million dollar salaries, players are expected to be on

the field day in and day out and often injuries hinder that process. Computers have brought along new rehabilitation

techniques and equipment for faster and better recovery for the players. LASER therapy has been used to decrease

pain and inflammation, control microorganisms, increase vascularisation, as well as speeding up collagen synthesis.

Ultrasound and shortwave machines are types of computers that heat an injured area to help repair soft tissue

injuries. (Arnheim et al 309-1)

Prosthetics have also been designed to replace real body parts, tendons, ligaments, artificial joints, and even

bones from scientifically developed materials. The Prosthetics along with advancements in surgical techniques and

equipment, including fiber optics used in knee surgery, have improved the rehab process as well as allowed disabled...