Technology is Two-Faced: Pros and Cons of the New World in which we live.

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Imagine that you are running late for work, you break your high heel; your little boy missed his bus and you spilled juice on your blouse. Realizing that same little boy needs money for a field trip, you drive through an ATM to grab money for him. Technology enables us to have a less chaotic lifestyle. Now imagine this same situation, but when looking for your ATM card, you realize someone has stolen it. Instead of convenience, technology is making your life more complicated and risks your chances of identity theft. Everyone may have different ways of using technology. Some may be old-fashion, limiting their dependence on technology, while others choose to take the risk, jeopardizing their welfare and safety.

To begin with, communication is essential and the basis of our society. Technology and electronics, such as the Internet, makes life easier for most people to correspond with one another.

The Internet has existed since World War II and has become an important asset of our culture. We went from using pencils, pens, and paper, to emailing and instant messaging in order to communicate with one another. According to Steven L. Clift in the reading "Putting Pen to Paper: Electronic Democracy, Write On!" he states that "It will only thrive and lead to improved democracies across the world if individuals and organizations come together to build shared online "civic participation centers"" (par. 5). In other words, the Internet, from this point on, can only improve and make businesses, the government, and people closer than they ever have been.

On the other hand, the Internet may also cause unsafe and/or obscene ways of showing its usefulness. It may be the most exciting tool available today, the majority

being the younger community, but what they see as "exciting" might...