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Handsome, intelligent and the always the consummate gentleman, Ted Bundy wore a convincing mask, never revealing what evil lurked within. Considered one of the most notorious mass-murderers in history -- ranking up there with Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Albert DeSalvo -- Bundy employed a mixed bag of tricks to entice and entrap the 30+ victims he brutally tortured, raped and ultimately killed (Axthelm & Ryan, 1989).

Popular crime writer Ann Rule penned a personal account of the time she spent working with Bundy at a suicide prevention and crisis hotline. Her book, entitled The Stranger Beside Me, details her experiences while she was a student at the University of Washington, majoring in abnormal psychology.

Most shocking of all, however, was the fact that Rule had already been contracted to write a book on the "Ted" murders, not knowing the subject of her research was sitting right next to her nearly every day (96.08seltzer4.html).

I. Childhood Indications Kids will be kids, except when they hurt, torture or kill animals. That, say behaviorists, is one of the significant indications of underlying psychological trouble. Bundy, along with murderer Charlie Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and most other killers of this sort, began their torturous abuse on animals. The evidence that childhood animal abuse ultimately leads to adulthood crimes is irrefutable.

Senator Ed Perlmutter, who sponsored a bill to stiffen the punishment of animal cruelty charges, has no doubt that animal cruelty is linked with "much more serious crimes" (Sanko, 1997; 38A) later in life. It is as though the animals act as practice tools until the time is right to graduate up to humans. But with the help of new laws currently being passed in several states, law enforcement is now taking a closer look at the connection (Capuzzo, 1996).

According to...