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Theodore Robert Bundy

Serial killing is the most malicious crime a human being can commit in our society. Many people believe you are born a serial killer but that is simply not true. No one is born a serial killer; their surroundings and social groups create the murderer. Many people wonder how such an intelligent and, highly accomplished man such as Bundy would be able to kill so many women. Ted Bundy was one of the most famous serial killers of the 20th century. When looking at Ted Bundy's case it was his lack of guidance from parents, rejection from social groups and, constant rejection from women, which led him to become a serial killer. These factors all added to make Ted Bundy vengeful, bitter, and mentally unstable.

Although Ted Bundy was a good looking, intelligent, and respected man, horrible secrets were hid from outwards appearances. Ted Bundy's full name is Theodore Robert Bundy and he was born on November 24th in 1946.

His place of birth was Burlington, Vermont. When he was born his mother was only twenty-two. Bundy's father was never involved as he had only dated Bundy's mother a few times and was in the armed forces. Ted Bundy was put in foster care for the first two months of his life, because in 1946 illegitimate children were looked down upon. Bundy's grandparents took him in as an adopted child and told others that his mother was really his sister. Bundy went through childhood thinking his mother was his sister and his grandparents were his parents. Ted really admired his grandfather and his grandfather was fond of Bundy. Though other members of the family described the grandfather as very ill tempered and a tyrant. His grandfather was verbally abusive towards other members of the family, as well...