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There are many teens who are get abortions or think about getting one. Many questions run through there mind before getting an abortion. Such as Will it hurt?, or How will I feel emotionally afterwards?,and will anyone know that I did this. These are only some of the questions that will be running through a teens mind before getting an abortion. For a teenager an abortion just might be the right thing to do.

A teen will ask themselves if it will hurt? The answer to that is that Pain is different for every teenage woman. Both the non-surgical and surgical abortions can cause pain. During the surgical procedure teenage women can experience moderate to heavy cramping. The most intense pain is normally during the procedure which takes approximately 3-5 minutes, only if the procedure is performed in the first trimester. As for the Non-surgical patients will also experience some cramping.

This cramping can range from moderate to severe cramping. But this cramping usually begins several hours after the insertion of pills. This heavy cramping normally lasts until the pregnancy is passed in about 24-48 hours but Tylenol can also be taken to lighten any pain there might be. But, no matter what there will always be a little pain.

Teens also wonder how they will feel emotionally afterwards. There are women who will feel relieved and some women who will regret what they have done, and many women have some grief. Many women feel a mix of emotions. These feelings are all related with life choices, in general, and are completely normal. The majority of women ultimately have mostly positive feelings and are satisfied with their decision after having an abortion.

The most asked question is will anyone know that I did this. If a teen gets an abortion it is strictly confidential. But it is important to have a doctor that to trust and feel comfortable with. However, no doctor will be able to tell anyone anything about whoever had an abortion. They will only know what you tell them. So when someone worries about someone finding out there is nothing to worry about.

Every year there are approximately 46 million teenage women who get an abortion. There are people who are against it and people who are all for it. If it is a teen getting an abortion I personally think it is ok. The reason why I say that is because, how can a child possibly be able to have and take care of a child. It is a child having another child. People don't agree with it because someone is taking an innocent child's life away. It should all depend on the situation if someone should be able to have an abortion.