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A teenage years, the period that all of us went through. The time when you are a teenager is very delicate period when you structure your future life. Wherever you are living there is always an alcohol around and being under age of 21, legal drinking age in America, challenge your temptations. America has a strict alcohol limitations but the under age drinking abuse is still at high point. A teenage alcohol abuse is very common social problem today that questions an easy alcohol access for an under age drinkers, prevents young alcohol consumers from healthy body and mind development, involves poor judgement, and leads to other sad consequences.

In today's society teenagers have more access to the alcohol like never before. A lot of people have a passive attitude towards teenage alcohol abuse.

It prevalences number of cases when random passers buy some type of liquor for the under age drinking person. Asking acquaintance as a favor is a very spread method between under age alcohol abusers. Unmonitored alcohol in the household gives a chance to teenagers to get intoxicated. The most creative individuals may come up with creating their own alcohol. For instance, homemade apple cider, that doesn't take a lot of ingredient to make.

Alcohol abuse is causing danger to teen's body and mind development. A propers brain development had been put at risk by over consuming alcohol beverages. Mental issues like depression and anxiety may exacerbate when alcohol is being consumed. Also, alcohol abuse ofter creates mental frustrations. In fact," the National Comorbidity Survey found in 1997 that alcoholics were two to three times more likely than non-alcoholics to also have an anxiety disorder. Another study, NIAAA's National Longitudinal...