Teen Drinking: A Disputed Issue

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Today millions of teens are drinking. The Government spent $1.1 billion to combat alcohol and drug use, but only $71 million to target underage drinking. Today the government is trying to stop teen drinking. The truth is, they can't stop it. It is literally impossible to control. The government is spending way more money to stop teen drinking than the teens spending on alcohol. So what do you think on underage drinking should the government let it slide for get the funding for this problem, or should they keep pushing to stop underage drinking. Well here some info on teen drinking to help you decide.

Beer and liquor lobbies show off voluntary codes that limit their ads to publications with mostly adult audiences. But that standard still allows the industry to target young audiences. The industry spent $75 million in 2001 for ads in Sports Illustrated, In this audience 14 million readers ages 12 to 20 that prescribe to this Magazine.

But also in city studies it shows that most teens don't buy alcohol but get it from parents and friends. So can that be stopped when the kid are getting the alcohol from there parents. Study in New York show that only about 18% of the parents that buy for their kids that got caught for a MIP gets something done to them. Like for example if a kid got beer from his parents in New York and got caught with it and he told the cops his parents bought it for him the kid most likely will get punished. But even though what the parent did was illegal there is only a 18% chance something will happen to the parent and a 82% chance that something won't. That's sad when there is that kind of authority how can...