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Teen Essay The reason that it takes a teen to understand another teen is they "teens" understand what is going on around them such as peer pressure, the social environment, and know what things are going on in that age issues smoking doing drugs, or thing parents wont understand so you turn to people dealing with the same things which leads to age.

The understanding of what is going on around us is a key thing in that we can figure out ways to cope with peer pressure with our friends. This understanding also helps when a friend has other problems. We also know when a friend is in pain but is not telling anybody, for some unknown reason.

Teens know what other teens like to do, unlike parents or guardians. We know what would happen to the social standings of a teen if they where somewhere "un-cool" or not a popular hang out.

We also can tell who will be the one that will do the un-popular things and who won't. And we know why we do the things we do. Or understand them better then a parent would.

The age group understanding is also a key thing in why teens understand teens. It helps us get along with other teens around our age. It also helps us differ from the older and younger kids and people around us. We feel more comfortable talking with people our age for example, learning to drive not having patience for younger and older people and not being able to understand pressures of a teenagers daily life. All of the above information proves to me and should to you why teens understand teens more then other people. There are some teens that will disagree but the higher percent of the teens understand teens more.