teen pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

55% of Americans girls get pregnant. It is obviously wrong, and they getting themselves into. Teen pregnancy is something very serious. When teenagers decide to do or have or make love in other words, they don't protect themselves and that is why most of them gets sees pregnancy like something normal, even they have a show us what is to be a teen who is pregnant. We have to get teens to know about this theme to get them learn about it and see how bad it is.

The good things about being pregnant which is almost anything, but since now a days we are having shows about teen pregnancy , is good if you are pregnant to get it because you are going to get paid. The show "Teen Mother" in MTV is one of the biggest hit in the world of television, that program get a lot of hits because everybody see it.

Also we have the part that the mothers can live a lot longer why am I saying this? Because since they are young, when they child's are going to be young and they can live and share more moments together.

Second of all, the bad things about being a teen pregnant are major. Once you are pregnant you can not longer go to school like you used to do, because the baby is going to grow to in your belly and is going to weight a lot and your back is going to hurt. You are not going to be able to live your life as a teenager; you are going to be a mother instead. The worse part of everything is the big percent of the boyfriends don't stay with you. They just not feel...