Teen Pregnancy in America

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In America, more teens are choosing to have sex at young age, which is causing the children to have children.

Teenage pregnancy is usually a crisis for the pregnant girl and her family. Common reactions include anger, guilt, and denial. If the father is young and present, similar problems can occur in his family. Babies born in the U.S. to teenage mothers are at risk for long-term problems in many major areas of life, including school failure, poverty, and physical or mental illness. They are also at risk for neglect and abuse because their young mothers are uncertain about their roles and may be frustrated by the constant demands of care taking. The teenage mothers are also at risk for problems. Many teenage girls are forced to drop out of school to have their babies, losing the opportunity to learn skills necessary for employment and survival as adults. All pregnant teenagers should have proper medical care beginning early in their pregnancy.

They may not get medical care during their pregnancy, however, leading to an increased risk for medical problems. Pregnant teenagers require education about pregnancy. They need to learn that using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs can damage the developing fetus. Pregnant teens can have many different emotional reactions. Some may not want their babies, or may want them in idealized and confused ways. A teenager may view the creation of a child as an achievement and not recognize the serious responsibilities. She may want a baby to have someone to love, but not recognize the quality of care the baby needs. Often, mothers do not anticipate that their baby can also be demanding. Some teenagers become overwhelmed by guilt, anxiety, and fears about the future. Depression is also common among pregnant teens. There may be times when the pregnant...