Teen Pregnancy in the U.S.A.

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Have you ever wondered how many teen girls in the u.s. get pregnant? Well… the numbers are really high, its 750,000 each year! Thirty percent of young women get pregnant once before they turn 20. Each year the Federal Government alone spends about $7 Billion dollars to help families that began with a teenage birth.

The U.S. has a higher teen pregnancy rate than other countries.

Although the rate here is declining the highest rate in teen pregnancy, birth, and abortion in the industrialized world. In fact, the U.S. teen pregnancy has nearly doubled Canada's rates at least 4 times of those of France and Germany and more than 8 times those of Japan.

In recent poll, 67% of teens who have had sexual intercourse said that they had waited. More than one half of teen boys (60%) and three of four girls (77%) surveyed said they wish they waited longer.

Sixty percent of teens also said the advise they would give a younger sibling or friend would be "Don't have sex until you're at least out of high school, but, if you do, be sure to protect yourself against pregnancy and STDs.

Study's even show that birth control such as pills, condoms, Norplant and the sponge have failed. The next best thing is to use birth controls correctly. Many sexually active teens have never used protection at all. Some girls have even gotten pregnant the first time they have had sex and get pregnant while having their periods.

Many bad things happens to teen mothers, 59% of these teens don't graduate High School and only 1.5% go on to college. Many teen mother go on to have more children, many go on welfare and most don't have relationships with their baby's father.

Many children who were born to...