Teen pregnancys

Essay by vampire-chick May 2004

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What's one problem we deal with today? I'm not talking about drugs and alcohol. Not suicide but it can lead to suicide. Teen pregnancy. Out of the top 10 discipline problems teen pregnancy is the third. That means most of the kids that are having sex just want to fit in. Or want to be "cool". That's kind of is saying that most of those kids are having problems (who isn't). Before and after the baby was born.

Do you know how many teens get pregnant each year? Approximately one million. From that one million only 520,000 are born. 405,000 have abortions and 80,000 miscarriages. Near 10% of those births are here in California. And most of those women aren't married. Now that's a shock! Yeah right.

But how old are these young ladies? 125 pregnancies per 1000 women happen to the ages of 15-19 years old. The nation rate is 97% per 1000 women.

California has the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. If u ask me that's a lot of pregnancies and those girls are still young. About 40% of those women will become pregnant before they reach 20. 41% of them is white and 63% is nonwhite. Now what does that say to you?

Around the age of 18 1 out of 4 women will become pregnant. That's 24%. While I am talking about 18 and 19 year olds. Did you know that half of the women get pregnant are 18 and 19. Well at least they are legal to keep the baby and not get arrested. That's interesting. By now they should know the first time you could get pregnant.

Most of the women that are having say but he loves me. We love each other. But most of the time it's either a...