Teen Promiscuity

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In this day in age, the age for sexual active teens keeps getting younger, even so that some aren't even teenagers, they are children. Teen promiscuity opens the doors for many problems, not only present but future problems. Solving this problem, that just isn't in the United States but in other countries as well, is going to have to be a change in mindset with not just the children/teenagers but with the parents. Of course, this problem will never be completely solved but the least we could do is try. Try to help our children remain children, and prevent growing up too fast.

It seems that most of the influence of sex in teenagers is the television shows or movies that are available to them. Teenagers said in a survey that 'some or most' of what they know of sex comes from the television shows they watch. The more sexually themed shows teenagers watch, have shown in a survey that these teenagers are more likely to initiate sex or progress towards other sexual activities the following the year.

Also, that girls that have watched rap videos for more that 14 hours are more likely to have multiple sex partners and contract a sexually transmitted disease. Along with boys that have seen rape on television or movies are less likely to be more sympathetic to female victims of sexual violence. These are problems that come hand in hand with letting children/teenagers watch explicit shows/movies and lasting effects on these innocent children will eventually come. However, just watching these shows are just the beginning to a promiscuous lifestyle.

I honesty think that most parents don't teach their children what needs to be taught because they are lazy and its too much work or they want to be the cool parent. I have...