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These days so many marriages end in divorce. Sociologists claim that changes in modern life have led to marital breakup. But another reason, which most of us are unconscious of, lies in the childhood of the couple. More and more teenagers left their folds than they used to. Leaving home so early may contribute to broken marriage.

First of all, how and in what case young people go away from their home so soon? Nowadays, kids are independent of their parents. They may think their folks are too old-fashioned. Because of novel ideas, arguments often burst between kids and parents. As a result teens like to leave their families as soon as possible or exactly when their parents nod their heads as permission. Or the children still live at home but the communication fabric between family members is too thin. The kids may have too many lessons to study, many classes to attend or they are fond of sitting before the play station more than talking with their parents. The parents are up to ears with work, too. They are just worried about earning enough money to supply their children need of material but they forget the need of spirit must be satisfied as well. In this case, the child doesn't live away from home, but they live in a kind of house that is not home.

Kids, who live on their own, are often lack of self -discipline. No one shout at them because of untidy bedrooms and dirty clothes, etc. at their apartment - also their own world- music can be played at full blast without worrying about parents' complaints. Or they can smoke at any time they like. So they are unwilling to exercise the self-discipline that marriages require. To struggle with divorce...