Teen Suicide

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Kyleigh Manosh May 15, 2001 Teen Suicide Teen Suicide Teen suicide is a major problem in the world, even in rural places like here. Many people feel that it is the easy way out of your problems and that is proved in many narratives. One of them our class just got done reading, Romeo and Juliet. This is the one I chose to relate to because everyone knows Shakespeare's playwright and I just learned about it. Teen suicide usually consists of the person being picked on or being called names, or family problems, or maybe like I mentioned before it's the easy way out.

Being called names is one of the most common reasons why people resort to violence. This is the reason for many of the school shootings worldwide. Many of the people that react to being called names say they have been put through this for many years or months.

Juliet resulted in suicide because her Romeo died, just a few minutes after she awakes from her sleeping potion.

Family problem are another top reason why teens commit suicide (All these facts found on ask jeeves). Family problems cause many kids to disobey their parents, making them so mad at that they take their lives. Many people think that Juliet did this without thinking about her family and she was just thinking about Romeo and herself. But I feel that to commit suicide takes a lot of guts.

I don't know why people think it's the easy way out cause you have to have a lot of guts to stab yourself like Juliet did or hang or do something. Why do people think that it's the easy way out? Most of the time what people think is the easy way is usually harder.

I think that teen suicide is a major problem that people have to realize and try to help kids or adults and talk them out of it. I feel that teen suicide is not the answer to people's problems. Do you feel that way too?