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In order to create and develop an effective Health Program which addresses the reduction in the rate of suicide among adolescents, a needs assessment must be conducted so that the Program Evaluation can be valid. This needs assessment will examine the complex issues surrounding teenagers, their mental health, and how theses factors influence their decisions to attempt suicide. "Needs assessments provide a systematic process to guide decisions-making in organizations… Systematic processes not only provide initial step-by-step guides, they also offers a foundational set of procedures that you can reflect on, customize, and continually improve in order to enrich your decisions later on as well" (Watkins & Leigh, 2008). This Program's Needs Assessment will focus on adolescents ages 12-18, and include the participation of teachers and school personnel, school peer counselors, friends and parents of adolescents who have attempts/committed suicide, as well as teen suicide survivors. With their assistance, data will be collected, needs assessment data will be identified, and they will help in determining the direction of the program.

By contributing to the development of this Health Program, the participants will build a sense of belonging and belief in this plan, which will convert to their advocacy for the program. This needs assessment will provide clear and concise information and data to assist in obtaining financial support from Local, State and Federal funding programs, and "justifies your decisions before they are made by turning facts into data, data into information, and information into valuable tools for linking your decisions to performance" (Watkins & Leigh, 2008).

Adolescent Suicide 3The largest barrier foreseen is the challenge of the teenager to disclose their own feelings due to fear of being ridiculed, labeled, or ostracized. This can have a direct outcome of motivation and self-efficacy. The anxiety and/or fear involved in disclosure of oneself...