Teen Suicide research essay

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Teen Suicide research essay

Why is teen suicide the second leading cause of death among teens in the untied states? Thirteen teens out of one-hundred-thousand take their own lives. Depression seems to be the leading factor for this great epidemic. Sadly enough some teens think that suicide is the only way out, and is the only answer to their problems. Every hour and forty five minutes another young teen takes their live by committing suicide.

There seems to be a lot of things leading up to suicide and those things are called risk factors. One of the risk factors for teen suicide is have a gun in the house. Having a gun in the house increases the risk of having a teen commit suicide. Sixty four percent of teens who commit suicide use a gun to complete their act. To prevent a teen from committing suicide don't have a gun in the house.

If that is not possible lock up and keep guns out of their reach. Another leading risk factor is depression. Depression seems to be the leading cause because teens think it's the only way out when really there are a million other ways out. Depression can be caused by lost of a loved one or pet, substance abuse or anything that could cause stress on a teen. About five percent of teens suffer from depression at one point. Ninety percent of teen suicide comes from depression. The last leading risk factor for suicide is when there have been previous attempts. It is still a risk factor because it doesn't mean that since they didn't finish the act that they just are going to give up. Between twenty six and thirty three percent of teen suicide victims have attempted suicide before.

There are many clues teenagers give off...