Teenage Drug Addictions

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Teenage Drug Addictions

Teenage addicts live in a world much different from the world of other teenagers. Unfortunately, it is not a small world. There are millions of teen addiction cases in the world because of drugs, which include heroine, cocaine and alcohol. Teenage lives are filled with violence and powerful emotions. Their fears and their tears are hidden from those people around them. There are many reasons behind this problem, especially in the United States, and it is impossible to give one single answer. These reasons are complex and differ from teen to teen. These reasons can be classified into three categories: parents, friends, and social pressures.

Many American families are single-parent families. These parents must work very long hours to support their children. Therefore, the children are sent to daycare centers and are often cared for by strangers. This causes the children to feel depressed, lonely, and isolated because the parent is absent; the parent is unable to provide a good model for her or his kids.

Children learn by example, and when their parents are not there, the children learn from television programs or their friends. As a result, the children often do not learn good morals and ethics.

Substance abuse by parents contributes to teenage substance abuse. When children see their parents smoking or drinking alcohol every evening to change their mood or to be happy, or when one or both of the parents are addicted, the children and other family members often become victims. The children get a strong message that using these substances is acceptable. Also, fighting among parents creates unhappiness, resentfulness, anxiety, depression, and extreme stress, so children often use drugs in order to escape. Moreover, the divorce of their parents also shocks the children because they are used to living with...