Teenage Pregnancy

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Elizabeth Onukwu

November 24, 2013

English 1302

How to Decrease Teenage Pregnancy

For many years society has been trying to find different ways to educate kids about safe sex, but never took the time to educate kids about the consequences about safe sex. If educators and guardians take time out the day to talk to kids about the effects of having unprotected sex there would be a great decrease in teen pregnancy. Some may argue that teaching kids about safe sex won't change the fact that teens will still have sex and create babies, but even if teaching about safe sex won't change all, it will change many minds of young teens out there that are having sex. Reducing the teen pregnancy rate can also contribute to helping teens and the parents of the teens to save a quite load of money. Finding ways to decrease teen pregnancy rate not only affects the abortion, but also helps reduce crime.

Building more amusement parks, motivating kids to get involved in extracurricular activities, and getting kids to find a hobby they enjoy doing can strongly help decrease teen pregnancy. When kids have nothing to do after school they begin engaging in things they shouldn't be doing. They start being exposed to things at an earlier age than they should. If kids were more involved in hobbies, not only teen pregnancy will be decrease, but crime will also decrease. These organizations and extracurricular activities help take kids' minds off of the negative things they see around them and help them focus on more positive things that will probably be beneficial to them in the future.

(The graph shows the comparison between teen birth rates internationally between the ages of 15-19. The U.S. ranking 37.9 which is the highest out of all the countries...