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7 October 2014

Teens today

Lately you can't look around without seeing a teenage girl pregnant. It's almost like there is something in the water or air we breathe. I mostly it's the parenting. I won't say the parents don't care what theirs good, but majority don't have the time to care like they should. Now that most jobs are ten or twelve hour shifts, they don't have the time to fully parent or know where their kids are twenty-four seven. When you're in a situation like this you usually leave the oldest in charge which makes them have to grow up early or make them feel like they can do whatever they want. The parent usually doesn't notice until it's too late. The mother is feeling guilty about working too much. More teens are becoming parents to fill a void, to gain love, and to enjoy the attention of having a baby which results in them growing up early.

Many of the girls today want to fill a void they have mainly dealing with love and attention. Some of them may have parents that don't show them the love they wish for. Their parents might be too busy with work or just haven't fully matured yet. Most parents today are trying to feed, clothing, and providing a place to stay for multiple kids. There is also that percentage of girls who don't or barely know their father and are looking for that male attention. They don't have that father figure to show them how a man should really treat them. The kids born in the 90's have this problem the most, but now more fathers are starting to step up. They figure their baby will love them if nobody...