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The characteristics of a Shakespearean tragedy are, Must depict the downfall of a good person trough a fatal error or misjudgment. Evoke's pity and fear in the audience. Always talks about fate. Always ends with one or several deaths. Usually leaves audience a tiny bit of hope as it comes to an end. It must be about a universal topic. Tragedy is concerned primarily with one person 'The tragic hero".

The story is essentially one of exceptional suffering and calamity leading to the death of the hero. The suffering and calamity are, as a rule, unexpected and contrasted with previous happiness and glory. The tragedy involves a person of high estate. Therefore, his or her fate affects the welfare of a whole nation or empire. The hero undergoes a sudden reversal of fortune. This reversal excites and arouses the emotions of pity and fear within the audience. The reversal may frighten and awe, making viewers or readers of the play feels that man is blind and helpless.

The audience will regard the tragic hero as an individual who is up against an overwhelming power that may treat him well for a short period of time, but will eventually strike him down in his pride. The tragic fate of the hero is often triggered by a tragic flaw in the hero's character. The hero contributes in some way, shape, or form to the disaster in which he perishes. Shakespeare often introduces abnormal conditions of the mind such as insanity, somnambulism, or hallucinations. Supernatural elements are often introduced as well.

Much of the plot seems to hinge on "chance" or "accident". Besides the outward conflict between individuals or groups of individuals, there are also an inner conflicts and torments within the soul of the tragic hero. The tragic hero need not be...