Teenage Pregnancy Exploring Early Childhood

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When a teenager becomes pregnant through sexual intercourse, the teenager is usually unaware of the consequences and factors that surround this significant occurrence. Although most teenagers are not yet emotionally ready for motherhood, women who are in there late teens are physically quite ready for pregnancy. Unfortunately in teen years we try to explore and experiment with our bodies as much as possible to see the different outcomes of different things. Generally teens have very high fertility rates, because of the healthy and energetic lifestyles they lead. In a young woman's life pregnancies are usually unplanned, and impulsive decisions are often made when the pregnancy is discovered. So many societal pressures such as time, school peers and finances all impact on the mother to be. As a young pregnant woman, one of the most important things to learn is what sort of options that are available, so that the right decisions can be made, as to what should be done next.

There are so many different problems associated with young woman falling pregnant. Many teens unfortunately cannot afford quality prenatal health care for regular check-ups during their pregnancy. Without the opportunity to have diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds and diabetes testing, can put both mother and child at an increased risk of complications. Fortunately, most teen mothers have adequate access to health care and overall generally have successful pregnancies. Recovery from labour and delivery is fast, and children who are born to young mothers are at low risks of birth defects. On the whole most complications in this age range are emotional, not physical.

When talking about pregnant young teenagers emotions, there are so many different factors that contribute to the way the young teen handles how she feels. Factors that can emotionally affect the young mother and the...