Teenage Suicide

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According to David Lester, "So ubiquitous is the impulse to commit suicide that one out of every two Americans has at some time considered, threatened, or actually attempted suicide." The vast spread of suicide today is a severe problem that the United States is forced to face. Teenagers tend to commit suicide more easily due to the large changes, significant losses, and abuses that have occurred in their lives, because of the lack of life experience. The programs that bring down suicide numbers, like support organizations, help prevent teenager suicide, because they teach people the techniques to help teens as soon as they realize the possible causes and warning signs. However, there must be more programs or methods, like university intervention, media participation, hotlines, the awareness of people who live with teens, due to the increasing number of suicide rate.

Many teenagers consider suicide as a solution of their problems.

Suicide among young people nationwide has increased dramatically in recent years. Thousands of teenagers each year commit suicide. It is the third leading cause of death among young people aged 15-24 (Kennard). At most of the time, teenagers are not sure about what identities they actually are. Not a lot of kids can judge values accurately and make out for themselves what is important and what is not in life. They have a lot of extra stress that they are not used to handling.

Teenagers who are seriously depressed often think about, speak about, or try to get attention from suicide, which should be taken seriously. They experience strong feelings of stress while growing up, including depression concerning friendships and peer pressure, family problems, schooling and even just everyday teenage life. They are forced to juggle pressures from parents and peers. The majority of suicide attempts and suicide deaths...