Teenage Values

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Good Morning Teachers and Parents. Most of you are probably used to and sick of children nagging on about what they want. "Mummy, can I have this lolly?" "Daddy, I want a new car!" Not to mention the tantrums, door-slamming and rebelling that parents experience just about every day of their lives. Well, you might have guessed that youngsters' actions are justified by a very good reason. Yes! You guessed it…they don't receive what they want. As long as I'm up here talking and you're sitting down listening, you can benefit from me, acquiring a few tips on what children value the most in life.

To start off, the most important thing in a child or teenager's life is to have freedom. In other words, they prefer not to hear their parents' voices at all. One thing that parents do not realise is that although children whinge a lot, so do parents.

"Son, take out the trash!" "Girl, you definitely ain't going out with this boy." To sum up the tip, if you don't want a nagging child, don't be a nagging parent.

The next most important thing in a child or teenager's life is to be able to eat what they want, when they want. The biggest mistake is to restrict them to only about ten to fifteen food choices when they could have twice as much. Also, this rule goes with not calling your children fat, obese or overweight. They will eventually realise that if they don't control themselves, they can and will be taunted at school. However, sometimes a generous bribe can work on such gullible humans. For example, you could give your teenage daughter a cheerleading outfit for all the sweets that she hides under her pillows. Just remember, a variety of foods plus no restrictions...