Teenagers and Dieting

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This paper touches base on all the basic principles of dieting and the major impact it has on teenagers. It talk about the risks and consequences of dieting, the impact celebrities have on adolescence, the dangers of vegetarianism, and the importance of proper teen nutrition. Some things are inevitable in life, but proper diet and exercise could make life much easier and much more enjoyable. There are great tips throughout this paper, and it is very important to help those who may be suffering through such disorders.

Keywords: dieting, teenagers, risk, adolescence, exercise, disorders

Teenagers and Dieting

The weight loss industry is booming, even in such difficult economic times, so why are so many Americans still obese? Could it be that diets are harmful to our health? Many teenagers feel as though everyone around them is telling them what they should and shouldn't eat, and they aren't wrong.

Teenagers rely on junk food and fast food to help them get through the day, and think that when they really need to lose weight, they can simply go on a diet and do so. Dieting is one of the causes of obesity; yes, people lose weight but right after the diet, all the weight is gained back. This is why more people should focus on having a healthy lifestyle rather than dieting when necessary.

In today's society, more time is spent watching TV and reading magazines rather than spending time outside and running around with friends. Many people think that because of this, teenagers are starting to become more and more overweight. Even though this makes sense in a way, it is also the reason for many eating disorders. Teenagers see these celebrities as role models and think that if...