Teenagers and Exercises

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Teenagers and Exercises

All the people have different interests in the world. They have different perspectives of all the things that happened to them. There are people that are focused on their family; others are focused on their works. But, there is a group that is attracted only to their life style. They always want to look good, to be healthier and enjoy their life, and these are teenagers. They are always worried about what other people could say about them. Teenagers are afraid of losing their good body image or affect their health, and there are many reasons why they do exercise.

First of all, teenagers always have a free time, so they always want to do something to be active and not to be bored. In addition, many teenagers relate exercises with other things they like to do. For example, the majority of teenagers do exercises like a hobby.

In boys, is common that they like to play soccer, basketball, baseball and other sports because they like those, but they do not realize that they are practicing their exercises habits. Also, girls have their own favorite activities. They like to dance, swim, play tennis and other many things, and they are also exercising, but at the same time they are having fun and have a relax time. Doing daily exercise helps teenagers to feel comfortable and active.

Another reason why teenagers do exercise is because they do not want to have a disease in the future. Teenagers are always thinking in what to do in the future, and they know that if they do not do exercises, they are going to have health problems. For example, the most common issue that all people have if they do not do exercises is obesity. This is a big trouble because...