Teenagers And The Media

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Mass Media Teenagers have been the center of attention for the media and a way to get revenue. Understanding how to sell to teens has become a highly competitive industry. If companies can get in on a trend or subculture while it is still hidden, they can be the first to bring it to market. Those who can track down the latest trends in teen life can make a lot of money marketing their expertise to companies marketing to teens. This is because the nation?s teenage population is now bigger than ever and they are the ones flushed with cash and credit cards. Last Year there was an estimate of $100 billion spent by kids and an extra $50 billion given by their parents just because they feel bad for not being there for their kids (proquest, Adams). To a thirteen-year-old kid being ?cool? is very important and it is like a business among teenage peers.

Frontline should be commended for their documentary titled ?Merchants of cool? which raises important, scary questions about the corporation of teen culture and whether it has displaced virtually everything honest and original. The main topics the program touched on were the way MTV exploited kids as to know what is cool in order to help their form of business and the behavior of young girls who wanted to model or be in the show business.

MTV is obviously concerned about the habits and desires of teenagers. It sends executives to small towns to talk to kids in their bedrooms about dating and domestic life, music and what they wear. MTV permitted the makers of Frontline to come along on their visit, during which a young boy opens his closet and life for casual but fairly close inspection. Information from such chat sessions affects MTV?s...