Teilhard and Creation

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Teilhard and Creation

Perception is what you believe in and projection is what you see. According to Teilhard, the future of the world, of the universe, is in human's hands. He believes in the power of consciousness and reflection. Only human beings are able to reflect upon their past to prevent similar situations in their future. Most of his life Teilhard devoted to drawing parallels between scientific and Christian theories of creation. Both theories have one evident fact in common - it all had to appear somehow. The theory of evolution implies that with every moment everything in the world mutates, from lesser to larger, to something more complicating. And just as like everything has its beginning, everything has its end. The strongest and probably the main point Teilhard defends is that only through unity and peace people may influence the future, may influence the evolution and delay the "end of all times".

The idea of unification with God by loving each other and by knowing and loving God supposedly should bring people, according to Teilhard, to their main goal - to make a choice towards our future and the future of evolution. This idea could also can be found in John's Gospel, John's writings (I John 4:7), Paul's scriptures (1 Cor 15:28). The unity model could be found throughout the New Testament. And this once again proves that his ideas and thoughts Teilhard was taking from the Holy Scriptures and tried to project them unto science and everyday life. Our perception is our projection, and according to him, evolution depends on human's perception. In the text there is a point, that "…since the twentieth century we can now end human life". This implies that from now on, the evolution is going backwards to the beginning or...