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System PaperUniversity of PhoenixNTC 360/network and Telecommunications ConceptsMay 06, 2006IntroductionAdvanstar Communications Inc. "Is a worldwide business information company serving specialized markets with high quality information resources and integrated marketing solutions. Advanstar has 76 business magazines and 21 directories, 58 tradeshows and 36 conferences, numerous Web sites, and a wide range of print and electronic direct marketing, database and reference products and services. Advanstar serves targeted market sectors in the automotive, beauty, e-learning, Management services, marketing, healthcare, fashion & apparel, pharmaceuticals, power sports, science, telecommunications and travel/ hospitality industries. The Company has roughly 1,400 employees and currently operates from multiple offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia "( This paper will analyze the telecommunication system at Arcadian management services which is a subsidiary of advanstar communications. Arcadian management services provide high-quality, cost-effective administrative infrastructure and management services to health care provider groups, hospitals and health plans.

Telecommunication systemsArcadian management services use IP-PBX telecommunications systems to meet its voice and data communications need.

An IP-PBX is a business phone system that manages telephones throughout the enterprise and acts as a gateway to both voice and data networks. Telephones are connected to IP-PBX via the network and calls can be routed via the network instead of the standard public switched telephone network. This technology is known as IP telephony or otherwise VOIP. IP Telephony or Internet Protocol Telephony is the transmission of voice signals over the Internet, wide area network (WAN), or local area network (LAN). IP Telephony uses voice-over-IP to break down voice transmissions into packets of data and transmitting them across a network.

The vendor system at Arcadian management services is Avaya. There is a communications manager, IP office and a PBX and an Avaya gateway. The Avaya networked server/gateway architecture allows enterprise designed telephony service that helps connect the office with other offices. The key features of the system are: communications continuity, Emergency transfer relay and multi-protocol capability. The gateway ensures communications even if the connection back to the main system is lost. It has the capability of operating in a standalone mode when disconnected from the main server. Functionalities in this mode still includes: Hold, supervised and unsupervised transfer call. When connection is re-established, the gateway automatically restores connection to the centralized server without dropping any calls.

The above diagram shows the basic configuration between two offices. The offices are connected by two Cisco3600 series routers. The main site which is Denver has gateway, IP office manager and a PBX. The system has good communications with the best and newest digital technology.

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