A Telecommute Guidance for Evergreen Technologies Ltd.

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This case focuses on the evaluation of the work-from-home program for Evergreen Technology Ltd. (ETL). First, the immediate problems of ETL will be addressed. Then, recommendations will be made with respect to those problems. Finally, the conclusion will focus on the future prospect of the work-from-home program.


The immediate challenge is to implement the "Work-from-Home" program effectively. Within the "Work-from-Home" program, there are several concerns such as the implementation of the program, employee involvement and acceptance, and change management that need to be addressed.

Recommendations for Implementation

This section explains several necessary steps to be followed before implementing the program. These steps include analyzing job description, employee profile, and job guideline.

First, managers should consider which jobs are suit for telecommute. Instead of selecting workers who are willing to telecommute, look specifically into the job description to determine if the position has portable tasks.

If a position is eligible for telecommute, managers need to determine the method to track workload and measure productivity for that position. In ETL's situation, even though the entire R&D Department workforce can telecommute due the nature of the work; however, telecommute may not work for every employee as it will be explained in the next section.

Second, within the pool of eligible positions, the managers need to determining who is a candidate for telecommute. This can be a challenging task, as managers may experience employees who want to telecommute, but are not the best candidate to do so due to job description. The best solution is to look at the individual where the employee has to meet certain criteria. For example, if an employee has marginal performance at work or is new on the job, the performance without supervision is questionable. In some case, some employees may even prefer...