Telepathic communication

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Extraordinary abilities of some people, always attract people. Extra sensory perception, which can be explained as perceiving objects, ideas or other things that are hidden without using five excepted senses, is one of these extraordinary abilities. ESP has some subcategories, telepathic communication is one of them. Shortly telepathy means; "the ability to communicate with another being by thought alone." ( Existence of telepathy hasn't been proven yet, although it has a definition, for this reason people were divided into two groups; some of them believe in telepathy, whereas some of them do not believe in.

People, who believe in telepathy, support their ideas with some experiments and some evidences. Ganzfeld (total field) experiments are very famous, because researchers claim that these experiments prove the existence of telepathic communication. "In Ganzfeld experiments, receiver's eyes are covered with halves of ping pong balls and his ears disappear under huge earphones that soothe his auditory sense with white noise.

In his padded cubicle, deprived of most sensations, he drifts into a foggy blackness." ( These are stipulations of experiments after these, a person who is called sender is put into a room apart from receiver's room. Some pictures are shown to the sender and he sends information about them to the receiver telepathically, and receiver tries to guess these pictures. This experiment was repeated on another people and it gave some positive results. Except some cases, receivers guessed pictures straightly. Nevertheless, although they are not reliable proofs, there are a lot of stories about telepathy. For example; people who dream of an old friend from school; a letter from him arrives the next morning, the telephone rings; you know who it is before you answer, people have a feeling of a dread; there is a death in the family. these...