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Situation Faced By m.Netm.Net is a mobile service provider which provides solutions to leading telecommunications and media companies. In September 2006 introduced a new service for Telstra under a sole distribution agreement. This service was called the Bigpond caller tones. But apparently m.Net was in for a huge challenge it had a limited budget for marketing the new service. Most of it's marketing was restricted to non-prime time. Keeping in mind the low budget it had to reach it's target group by word of the mouth so that the customer take up could continue.

Market for Caller TonesThere definitely is market for caller tones this can be identified by the surveys carried out in the given case study apart from this Telstra's .annual report of which showed that customers who were billed spend five times as much on their mobile phones then prepaid customers.

Target MarketAs per the case study the Key target group for BigPond caller tones is under 40, while it's main target customers are in the 20 year age group.

Of course the target is narrowed to Telstra's 8.6 million mobile phone customers. I consider this to be the prefect target group as caller tones is something which would interest the young adult age group as they have more peer orientated social life.

Keeping this in mind consider the following group of 14 year olds who were surveyed none of them had a account with Telstra . Thus excluding them from their target population. A survey of 33 people between the age of 20-30 were surveyed it was found out that 1 in 33 had a Telstra mobile phone and eight were aware of the caller tone service.

The above survey thus further proves the fact that best target group is 20-30 years of...