The Television

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The Television

In the 1800's, messengers use to carry letters and deliver to the other

Party who was the receiver; the messenger then would get paid for his work he performed. People discovered information was very critical and important so thus started mass media Newspaper printing. Newspaper printing started in the industrial revolution. Newspaper became popular amongst people and that everyone had to have one cause if one person didn't have it they were the lost ones. There was so much information in the newspaper and people loved it. Next came the invention of the radio; radios were used to transmit and to receive. The radio became popular because people could hear live news, stories, and songs. After the radio was invented the Television came to existence. It is impossible to frankly credit the "invention" of the television to a single individual or corporation, or say that it was invented at a certain year.

Instead television's advancement is distinct by a sequence of milestones; and several inventors and nations contributed to its progress. The United States, England, and Germany led the industry, then came France, Russia, Japan, and Italy all conducted limited experiments and sporadic broadcasts. The method used in each country's system in the latter half of the 1930's was completely electronic. What set the United States apart from the other nations that were involved with television development was that several contending companies with no governmental financing were involved. Where Germany, England, France and Russia had only one station run by the government each, the united states had a total of nine on the air shortly before and during World War II; three in New York City, two each in Los Angeles and Chicago, and one in Philadelphia.

In the early days of Television, the television sets were...