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Television is one great discovery. Maybe no one ever before has thought that one day it is going to be an indivisible part of our life.

The presence of television in our home has good and bad sides. With it we can see and fell the events which are happening around the globe. We can watch concerts of famous stars, to be at sport events, to learn about the achievements of human mind. We meet with the nature of near and distant places of the planet. Watching TV shows and films to another language, if we learn this language and we extend our vocabulary.

We must watch television with wanting to learn something new, because it becomes aimlessly wasting of time. The long period of sitting in front of the television can damage our health. In many films there is valance and crime. That is not good for young people, because they sometimes want to look like the villains.

Let’s try to diverse our daily grind and while resting to learn something new.