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Television Advertising There are various types of advertising but of them manufacturers' consumer advertising seems to be the most dominant. It is the way in which manufacturers of most domestic/lifestyle products communicate with their consumers or "end-users". The objective of most manufacturers' consumer ads is to persuade consumers to buy a product. To achieve this ads try to connect the product to positive ideas, values, or beliefs. A suitable example of this is the "Typhoo tea" television ad.

The target audience of the "Typhoo" ad seems to be B-D category housewives, because they are the people who will do most the shopping in a family household. As this is the ads target audience it must use ideas, beliefs, and values that will appeal to them. The ad tries to convey "Typhoo tea" as being a peacemaker and a uniter of families; it does this through the story told in the ad.

The ad begins by showing a young girl in her late teens making two cups of tea. Whilst she is making the tea a voice over representing her thoughts talks directly to the audience about her difficult relationship with her stepmother. When she finishes making the tea she walks into a sunny garden where her stepmother is seated. The young girl and stepmother are then shown relaxing together, with the two cups of tea that the girl has made; in a pleasant looking sunny garden. This image in the ad creates an association of peace and tranquillity with the tea. At this point the voice over begins to describe how their relationship improved after one day having sat down to have a cup of tea together. The slogan of the ad then appears saying "Typhoo, The taste that unites"; this then associates the tea with...