Television can be harmful to children

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Television can be harmful to children in many ways. Television destroys their ability to think creatively. Television minimizes children's social skills. Television also aids in weight gain. It also gives children violent ideas. Television can be a great educational tool but should be monitored and explained at all times.

When a child watches television, they do not have to use their thinking skills. Television is taking away the traditional way of classroom learning. They have everything given to them. They do not have to imagine what is or going to happen. Television is an unhealthy intrusion into a child's learning process, substituting easy pictures for the discipline of reading and concentrating and transforming the young viewer into a hypnotized non-thinker.

Many programs are violent and give kids ideas. Children are very impressionable and mimic almost everything they see or hear. Television plays a major role in shaping how children perceive the world.

If a child is watching violence all the time, that child will most likely act violent. Parents have to be there to explain what is being done and now-a-days parents just do not make the time. When children constantly see this, they think and learn the behavior is normal and that it is the way they are supposed to act.

Television does not teach children how to interact with other people. Television shows such as Sesame Street do not teach how to interact with one another. All they teach children are their letters, words, numbers, classification and other skills considered to be important for school success. Interaction with people cannot be taught through television only in person. Television also aids in weight gain because kids are not going outside to play anymore. They are sitting in front of a television set watching TV or playing video games. While...