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Television is part of e everyone's life. Perhaps it is the easiest way to know what is happening outside. Television is also a useful and effective tool for introducing a new product. Because the television is ubiquitous, it can reach many people and combine all the different medias. The television is the most effective means of advertisement.

television is convenient. In general, every house is equipped with at least two televisions. Whether we are having dinner or lying in bed, we are still able to watch the images on television. Also, we do not have struggle with hot air under the blazing sun or brave blizzards in winter in order to search for new products which are being introduced to the market. Just staying at home, watching television, we can much information from advertisments. Nowadays, even in some restaurants, televisions are in every corner of the rooms so that they can provide an opportunity for us to watch television outside our homes.

In addition to being convenient, the television is simply an essential electrical appliance that everyone has. Televison is the most common entertainment that can reach many people because, first, it is cheap that we just pay a small amount of monthly fee; second, it has no time limit so that we can switch it on whenever we feel bored; third, television offers a variety of programs for us to choose. As a result of these reasons, it is effective to put advertisments on television. Moreover, people spend a lot of time on TV. Using my experience as an example, I spend at least five hours a day on TV. Therefore, new products will become well-known very soon.

Compared to other media, the function of the television is to combine other media. If advertisments are posted on newspaper, we are able to see the images of the products; however, it is not "lively". If advertisments are published on radios, we only hear them without recognizing how the product looks. In contrast, advertisment on television has more adverntages becaue it involves the different senses so that the product surely becomes more marketable.

Advertising on TV is certainly the successful way to introduce a new product to the public. Also, it is able to create deep impreeions of products. Like the advertisment of Budweiser beer, I still remember the saying "what's up?"