Television-Good and Bad

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I think that television should be blamed for having harmful effects on children. It is the parent?s job to supervise their children while they are watching television. Television programs that have sexual contents, cursing, and violence may influence children negatively and sometimes cause them to behave badly. In this new day and age, children cannot sit down to watch some of the cartoons because it has so much explicit contents. Children should be exposed to positive programs that explain what is going on in the world because that teaches and installs knowledge into them. Parents should make sure their children realize what is right and wrong. They should not be exposed to things that create evil thoughts in their minds. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children what is reality and fantasy. Many crimes, murders, and other bad things that are committed in this world are due to things that are seen on television.

Many parents do not realize the effect that many television programs have on children. If parents would monitor what their children are viewing on television than they would not have to see the negative programs that the media places on television. I have a son that is only five months and I know when he is older and able to understand television, I will make sure he watches only positive programs. We as his parents will make sure he understands what is going on in this world. We will instruct him in the right direction so he can grow up the way he should.