Is television good for children?

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Most times in life people play sports for fun in someone's backyard or at the park. Most people play basketball at someone's house. When they play ball they usually don't call fouls or play by the exact rules. So once in awhile friends will fight over something stupid but they will most times not be responsible about it. In today's world TV plays a similar role as friends just playing ball at the park. They both can get away with some stuff but sometimes they can turn into a big problem.

The companies that make video games and produce television do a great job of keeping the bad stuff out. For example, swearing excessively, nudity, and smoking. Most of our bad language is cut out or "beeped" out one would say. The nudity is "blurred" out and anyways there aren't a lot of programs that have a chance to show that.

Smoking advertisement was banned for television so no one has to worry about that. Also, almost every television channel shows awareness advertisements or filler about anti-drug, anti-smoking or about kids, which helps young children and their parents to know about the bad consequences of these things.

Then, television helps expand the young children's mental health. Nowadays television is not only for entertainment but also for education. Television is the most powerful and easiest was to learn. A major study has found that children in low-income communities, some of who speak English as a second language improves in several keys reading skills after regularly watching television shows. This is from "PBS" company and they provide many of these programs for kids. These shows enlarge kids vocabulary power.

In addition to vocabulary skills, I was flipping threw the channels and television channels like Discovery, Discovery Kids, National Geography and the...