Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

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Many people think that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. I do not agree with that statement. I will support my opinion.

I claim that TV has a great impact on our lives, but it does not have enough power to change relationships among friends or family. For me and for many other people, television is just a source of information. It allows us to get to know new fashions, changes in the political and economic area of the world.

Besides, we have to notice that everybody, no matter when and where they are, gets the same piece of information. Due to that fact, we often try to discuss the hardships, for which we are all responsible. We feel that the whole world belongs to us. We want to understand the problem well and it is the reasons for discussing the topic.

To tell the truth, TV can even help in communication. It gives us new subjects which need to be talked out. We have the possibility to exchange our experiences and get to know other people's points of view. It is easier to make new friends because there is no silence after saying some words about ourselves.

Although TV has so many advatages in communicaton among people, it is often said that it has a bad influence on what is still developing - the world becomes nothing but a global village. We know everything about everybody and we often start to take after from famous people, because of the pressure of the society. We feel that we have no privacy and the era of our individualism has ended. This is why we try to close ourselves, which often turns into depression. We avoid even our friends or members of a family. We do not want to share with our experience or opinion with the others. Moreover, it is not so easy to communicate for people who are rather shy. Especially at the time of the rule of TV, they are scared of being criticized by the society because of an inappropriated point of view.

To sum up, I do not agree that television has destroyed or is destroying communication among friends and family. In my opinon, peolpe are responsible and they realize that they cannot live alone. To tell the truth, we are social animals. We need to feel the acceptance of the society and nothing can change it, even television.