Television Report Write a report on a drama programme which has screened over the last 5 years.

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In this report I wish to discuss this most distinctive sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle (2000- )". It is a family comedy series produced by FOX Broadcasting Company. This program has been aired by TV3 since Year 2001 and now it is in the seventh season . The sitcom features a dysfunctional middle-class family living in California. The family comprised of two parents who work hard to keep the bills paid and try to control four bickering brothers and a baby boy. They are "holding on until the last one turns eighteen." The whole story is written from Malcolm's point of view who is the middle child.

The main competitors in the TV entertainment business in this country are TVNZ and TV3. As competitors each channel tries to televise the more appealing programs to attract audiences to their channel and away from opposing channels. "Malcolm in the Middle" is aired by TV3 during prime time, which is 8:00pm every Wednesday night.

In response to TV3, TVNZ has decided to show "Scrubs" on TV2 (which owned by TVNZ). "Scrubs" has a similar genre and format and appeals to the same target audience. Since TV1 is also owned by TVNZ, there is no competition between TV1 and TV2. Therefore, TV1 can screen a program of a different genre such as "Animal House" (a documentary about animal rescue) to target different type of audience and expand the range they provide for.

"Malcolm in the Middle" was so successful that TV3 still shows episodes from past season at 4:30pm every weekday. At this time children of school age and younger will be the majority with free time to watch the TV. Most adults will be at work around this time. Because of the demographic of availability, TV2 screens their own live program for kids,